Health is undoubtedly the greatest possession we have. Its protection pushes more and more people to search for high quality medical, pharmaceutical and nursing care.

One of the most important needs in a person’s life is to insure their personal health as well as their family’s health. The safeguarding of health is the prerequisite for successfully meeting the challenges of everyday life and achieving individual and family goals.

Particularly today, the framework of health services requires the completion of those goals with the help of private insurance providers. The inadequacy of public insurance funds to adapt to modern requirements, as well as the difficulty they present in their modernization have led health services to a low level, failing to offer the sense of security we all need.

On the other hand, the evolution of individual health plans by private insurance companies has given a new dimension to the treatment of health problems. Now, a hospital insurance plan can offer the maximum in reducing uncertainty, intensifying the feeling of security.

Besides, the evolution of hospital plans gives the opportunity to the policyholder to choose between benefits that meet their personal needs.

Indicatively, here are some of the benefits of the plans:

  • Coverage of medical expenses (hospital care).
  • Coverage of outpatient care, i.e. the expenses related to medical visits, diagnostic examinations, annual check-up etc.
  • Life insurance.
  • Personal accident insurance (permanent disability and loss of income as a result of an accident or illness).
  • Occupational disability insurance (doctors, athletes, artists, etc.).
  • Immediate medical assistance and emergency transport.
  • Guaranteed return retirement plans.
  • Investment related plans (unit linked).
  • Borrower’s insurance.

Life insurance plans are essentially intended to cover to some degree the financial gap and its consequences, that occur to the family in case of loss of life of the policyholder. It is important for the policyholder to know that in case of interruption of the life insurance plan, they will not be able to be insured again later on the same terms due to a different age and to due to their possible worsened health.