Health is undoubtedly the greatest good for man. Its protection pushes more and more people in search of high quality medical, pharmaceutical and nursing care.

Group insurance of the employees of a company proves to be a very useful tool for the management of a company. Some of the main basic advantages of this insurance is that it contributes to the improvement of the relationships between employers and management, there is an effective treatment of accidents or diseases, but also forms the modern corporate culture and profile.

Group insurance of personal accident provides complete packages of insurance coverage for groups of 10 or more people with common characteristics, such as employees – company employees, sport club members, taking care of the best possible coverage of their needs.

All packages offer coverage to the insured individual in case of:

Permanent total disability to work by accident.
Permanent partial disability to work by accident, death by accident.

Furthermore, most packages offer coverage for:

  • Medical care expenses in case of accident.
  • Emergency expenses in case of sickness.
  • Hospital care expenses in case of accident.
  • Daily hospital allowance for hospitalization because of an accident.
  • Surgical allowance because of an accident or illness.
  • Emergency medical service.
  • Loss of personal luggage.
  • Flight delay expenses.