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Frequent Asked Questions

Property Insurance

At what value am I compensated in case of my compensation?

The value at which you will be compensated depends on the value you choose to be insured:

  • If you have chosen to be insured at the value of a new property, you will be compensated at the value of a new property.
  • If you have chosen to be insured at fair value, you will be compensated at the fair value of the building/content (based on age).

Can the common & auxiliary spaces (elevator, storage rooms, garage) be insured?

  • In case of a detached house, there are no common areas, while if you want to insure auxiliary spaces, you should mention them in detail in the insurance policy and define an insurance capital for them.
  • In case of an apartment, the proportion of your apartment in the common areas is included in the value you declare and is finally insured per square meter and therefore they are covered.
  • In order to insure auxiliary premises, such as an underground warehouse and a garage space, you should mention them in the insurance policy and define a separate – special insurance capital for them

Can I insure my home against earthquake risk?

Yes, you can, as long as the building is antiseismic (antiseismic are generally considered to be buildings that have been built with a legal building permit and during a period when the antiseismic regulation was in action, i.e. from 1960 onwards), has not been previously damaged by an earthquake or if it has, the damages have been repaired according to the relevant Town Planning Regulations.

Should the insured contents of the house be recorded in detail?

The obligation or not to record the insured content depends on the insurance company and the plan the policy holder has chosen. Usually, items of great value, such as electronic devices, handmade carpets, silverware and other related items, with a value of more than 1,500 € per piece, should be recorded in detail in the insurance policy along with their brand name, type and value.

Life and health insurance

What do I do when I want to use my hospital contract?

We contact the call center of the insurance company and state what we want to do as well as the contract number.

Customer service will guide you on where to go and what to do. It is advisable to inform at least 2-3 days in advance, when it comes to scheduled hospitalizations, while for emergencies as soon as it becomes possible.

What is the deductible amount on life and health insurance?

Deductible amount is the amount that is mentioned on your insurance policy (given that you have chosen it), which is deducted from the total of recognized expenses for each hospitalization from illness or accident that is covered by the insurance policy. In this way your annual premiums are reduced.

Car insurance

What documents do I need to insure my car?

The documents we will need to insure your vehicle are:

  • A copy of your driving license
  • A copy of the vehicle registration certificate
  • A purchase invoice for new vehicles

What should I do in case of an accident?

  1. Notify the “Accident Care” service, that most insurance companies have today, by phone, with the number being in the insurance policy.
  2. Notify the police, in order to find out about the accident and to officially record it in the book of incidents. It is noted that the police is obligated to come after every call and should definitely be called if there has been an injury.
  3. Then you and the driver of the other vehicle fill the friendly declaration that will facilitate the implementation of the amicable settlement as long as both insurance companies take part in it.
  4. If you have not called the accident care, you should report the accident to your insurance company within eight (8) working days, as required by law.
  5. In any case, you should make sure you have written down the registration number of the other vehicle involved, the insurance company of the driver, as well as the identity and other useful information of the other driver/owner (e.g. the name of the driver/owner of the vehicle, address, telephone numbers etc.), as well as the details of any witnesses present at the scene of the accident.

What is an exemption and how does it work?

The “exemption” where mentioned in your contract, is deducted from the total cost of repairing your respective damage. The policyholder with the exemption, “exempts” their insurance company from the obligation to pay all the costs of the damage by participating in paying with the amount of the exemption. The exemption works inversely proportional to your premium. The more and higher exemptions a contract has, the more economical it will be.

What is a friendly settlement?

It is a settlement system in car insurance in which some insurance Companies participate. In case of a car accident, the customer is released from the obligation to turn against the insurance Company of the guilty driver, as they are compensated by their own Company.

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