Business insurance contains special features that must be carefully analyzed in order to ensure to ensure full and correct insurance insurance coverage each time.

The “complex” commercial and industrial risks have peculiarities that require a specialized approach. The accumulation of great values as well as the very nature of the basic tasks that in many cases present increased risks dictate a separate approach for each proposed risk.

The coverages offered against natural or non-natural risks can be developed according to your needs, creating an insurance policy tailored to your requirements.

Some of the most important categories of coverage in the real estate sector concern:

  • Insurance against all risks.
  • Insurance against disasters (earthquake, floods, etc.).
  • Insurance against earthquake.
  • Insurance against soil subsidence and/or landslide.
  • Insurance against malicious or terrorist attacks.
  • Insurance against pipeline breaking & leakage.
  • Insurance against theft/robbery.
  • Coverage of public authority expenses.
  • Coverage of engineer and architect fees.
  • Insurance against glass breakage.

PRAXIS with more than 20 years of experience in industrial risk insurance can ensure the optimal combination of insurance coverage and premium offering complete and specialized insurance solutions.