The term “Technical Insurance” is used by the insurance market to describe various types of insurance policies that are intended to protect construction projects, projects that require assembly, as well as to protect the very operation of the machines that are necessary in the production process.

The insurance covers material damages of the project itself, cause both during construction and the maintenance phase.

In addition, the policyholder is given the opportunity to insure the risk of damage to the mechanical equipment used in the project, but also their responsibilities (both general and employment practice liability) that could arise during the construction.

There are two types of insurance policies:

  • Insurance against all risks of contractors
  • Insurance against all risks of assembly

Insurance against all risks of contractors

The contractor and/or the owner of the project are insured against damages that may occur to the project itself during the construction, but also during the transfer of the materials, as well as for their Civil Liability to third parties for bodily injuries and material damages, which may occur during the execution of the project.